Hi! I’m Ken Snyder a.k.a. coda and I love to
bring games to life with audio.

Since I was little I’ve been inspired by video games and their music, and strove to create my own. I’ve made a name for myself winning one-hour competitions where speed and performing under pressure is key, and I carry over those skills to composing and designing sounds for games. I’ve worked with individuals, indie teams, and larger clients such as Dreamworks Animation. Take a look at the samples here, my demo reels, and my huge archive of songs from competitions, and contact me if you like what you hear!

Game Music

Here are samples from a few projects I’ve done sound design for. Watch this page for new releases!

Llama in your Face!

Llama in your Face
I worked with Simon Parzer and Peter Sperl on a cute flash tower-defense-style game about a bouncing llama. The game features crossfading, seamless-looped music for day and nighttime, and separate powerup, boss level, and shop themes. Additional music and sounds were provided by Peter Sperl, including an interpolation of my main level theme into the credits song. Llama in your Face is featured on Kongregate, Big Dino Games, Addicting Games, and other gaming sites.

Llama Demo Reel

Madagascar 3 Games

For Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar 3, Thinknerve was contracted to produce three web games and again I created and implemented all music and sound effect assets.

Play Pillow Fight

Play Banana Blaster

Play Memory Game

Puss in Boots Games

Puss In Boots
I created all music and sound effect assets for these two flash games I helped develop along with the team at Thinknerve. In Dancing Boots, the music is dynamic—different instruments fade in and out based on your progress and score in the game. In Dance Fight Mix Master, you can create your own soundtrack using 3 original songs and 15 sound effects matched up to clips from the movie.

Play Dancing Boots

Play Dance Fight Mix Master

Kung Fu Panda 2: Wok A Wolf

For this flash game I helped develop along with the team at Thinknerve, I combined licensed music and dialogue from the movie with my own foley and sound design. The resulting soundscape is best experienced in the context of the game.

Play the game


Following the over-500,000-download success of Meganoid, containing licensed music, I worked with mobile developer Orange Pixel to create an authentic Gameboy-style experience for Stardash, released on Android and iOS. The soundtrack was praised in several reviews:
“Catchy chiptune soundtracks”
“It’s new and great to listen to. Seriously it’s awesome.”
“…I’m still humming the second world’s theme as I write this.”

Song A | Song B | Temple


MilkSnake is a new take on the classical snake game, played on the surface of various 3D shapes, such as a sphere, a torus and even a Möbius strip. The game features 4 original compositions corresponding with the different visual styles of the levels. Available on the Mac App Store.

Watch trailer (with in-game music and sounds)

Full soundtrack on Bandcamp

Jetpack 2

Jetpack 2
Jetpack 2 is an enhanced remake of the hit 1993 shareware DOS game Jetpack, by the original author. The original game did not have music.

JetSkillz | Rad

Masquerade Deluxe

Masquerade Deluxe
Masquerade is an enhanced remake of the C64 text adventure game Masquerade for Android and iPhone. Composed in MIDI format to fit within size limitations.

Mystery | Sewer | Zoo

Global Game Jam 2010

Global Game Jam 2010
I participated in the Global Game Jam 2010 as (the only) Audio Guy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and ended up doing complete music and sound design for five games, armed with only my laptop, a cheap Casio keyboard, and less than 48 hours total to work. They were really glad I came :)

Clavel | Flickering Torch Ending | Planein


As a participant in the demoscene, I’ve had experience writing original tunes to match real-time visuals on finicky platforms with strict deadlines. You could consider these works to be non-interactive games.

The Strongest Demo/SVatG

The Strongest Demo
Written in a couple hours for a Nintendo DS demo that was started & finished in a couple days. Had to work around major bugs in the music player code!

Take It Easy!

Blockparty 2010 Invitation/Evoflash

Blockparty 2010 Invitation
Worked with a team of three to coordinate musical style that would fit with the ever-changing visuals, which in turn synchronize with the beat. Final mixdown done by cancel.


It’s 1975/SVatG

It's 1975
Again, written in a couple hours… for a Nintendo DS demo that was started & finished in a single day. Inspired by a delightfully retro IBM slide presentation from the 70s about the future of computing.

Online Database

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size Doesn't Matter
I wrote this demo — my first real attempt! The total size of the executable (including code, music, graphics) is under 8 kilobytes, which is smaller than any one of the images on this webpage. I composed the music as well as programmed the engine to play it back.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Licensed Music

Several of the tunes on the rest of the site have appeared in various games and most are available for licensing for a small fee. Just drop me a line if you would like more information.

Some examples: Meganoid is a retro-styled platformer for Android and iOS featuring the song sashimi secretary. Gyroball is a futuristic TRON-like game for Xbox Live Indie Games featuring the songs gaggle and daizy fields.


The best way to contact me is by email: coda -at- s3m - us