coda music

For game credits and assorted other professional info please see the portfolio.

I write music on my computer–both for fun and for profit. I’m mostly inspired by video game music, jazz, and the demoscene. This blog is an attempt to put all my music in a convenient format in one place.

What’s “OHC”?

One-hour competition. You are given a pack of samples and/or a theme at the beginning of the competition, and you have one hour to make a song out of them, usually in mod/s3m/xm/it format. The majority of songs were made for #mod_shrine on espernet competitions, although recently there are now other competitions with mp3 (“all-gear”) format and a theme instead of a sample pack.


My instrument of choice is ModPlug Tracker. The original files can be found at http://engramstudio.com/music/ohc/.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. You might want to update your ohc download folder… and by the way, where do you keep .it’s of your non ohc type shit? I’s purrtaygoooood.

  2. dude i really love your tunes :). I recently got into the chip tune thing and was looking for tunes and found you :). I use openmpt but havent made original tunes only coves of old nes,snes, and genesis games but we all start somewhere :). I was wondering if you could email some intraments that you use please :) that would really get me started on some great sounds.

  3. Please e-mail me (see upper right) with details if you’d like to use my music for something other than personal use.

  4. I think you’re one of the best tracker composers out there. I collect good Tracker modules, and I know many good modules. But your tracks are always of a very high quality. And your speed is enormous, you’re making good music in such a short time.

    Thank you for that.

    Michael from Germany.

    With help from Google Translator :-)

  5. Wonderful!
    I had listened some of your songs in OPENMPT as examples.However,when I came here,I found a new world of MUSIC.
    I also like music and I want to write some,but I am really bad in English(most of the music programmes are in English)I hope one day I can write music like you.
    Leo from China.

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