About the Music Blog

I regularly host and particpate in one-hour music-writing competitions (“OHCs”) with a small group of friends in an online chatroom. I’ve been writing music this way since 2006 and uploading all of the songs here.

Programming the music to “Jupiter and Beyond”

This past week, I helped make a production for the Revision 2013 Demoparty. It ended up placing 3rd in the “Wild” demo competition. For this production, “Jupiter & Beyond,” I composed the music and wrote a large portion of the synthesizer/playback code. Take a look:

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Creation of the iLisa demo soundtrack

I recently worked with the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club on a demo entitled Introducing the iLisa, which won 1st place in the Assembly 2012 Real Wild Demo competition. I composed the music and wrote some supporting code, for custom sound hardware designed and built by the CMUCC team. Before I say too much more, here is the demo itself:

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