Minimap is an assortment of song sketches from the past year revisited and remastered. Many of the songs are based on one-hour competition songs from this blog, but with added material and production. With no specific goal or structure to restrict the music, this album is an unfiltered peek into the composer’s mind.

…a wonderful fusion of classic jazz composition and retro electronic sounds. Though written for an audience who appreciates vgm and the chiptune/vintage sound, Minimap could really appeal to just about any listener with an ear for electronic music. An awesome collection of tracks from a very talented vgm producer.

The Daily Album

Online media coverage:
The Daily Album


Released in May 2012, Tracer was my first solo album consisting of four instrumental tracks in a blend of chiptune, synth, and progressive metal.

The result is four tracks that capture wonderfully the soundworld of 80s computer music while sounding irresistably fresh. Think Tangerine Dream without the pretensions.

5:4, Best EPs of 2012

Online media coverage:
5 against 4
Original Sound Version

Tree of Knowledge

Winner of OSV Original Soundtrack of the Year 2011: Best “Other” Release

Created in 2011 with fellow musician surasshu and some talented visual artists, Tree of Knowledge is a tribute to the music of Japanese adventure games from the 90s.
A story, character art, and backgrounds were created to support the idea that this is a soundtrack to a lost game.

Tree of Knowledge was later featured in the Indie Game Music Bundle.

Album Website

This is one of those cases of something being so authentic that you would have no reason to doubt it unless told otherwise.


Online media coverage:
vausspaceship (ES)
Gamer’s Express (JP)
Heisei Democracy
Original Sound Version (review)
Original Sound Version (announcement)
True Chip Till Death
Hardcore Gaming 101 (second mention)
malobit (RU)
Kabakism (JP)

Ubiktune Compilation albums

I’ve contributed songs to several themed, freely-downloadable albums on the fantastic Ubiktune netlabel along with other excellent chiptune artists and video game composers such as virt, C-jeff, Tony Thai, and Blitz Lunar.

Albums I appear on:

Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes (2013)
Preschtale Variations (2013)
Up (2010)
Wintertunes (2010)
Autumntunes (2009)
Summertunes (2009)

Game Soundtracks

Game soundtracks also are available on the yogurtbox bandcamp site.
Alter Ego: Dreamwalker OST (destructoid article)
Stardash OST
MilkSnake OST
Meganoid OST (remix)

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