One thought on “radial

  1. Coda, you’re music is like taken from right out of my Amiga childhood and I mean that that in the most positive way I can. I have so fond memories of electronic music from that time in my life and I am having the same experience from you’re music. Wonderful electronic music. And to think that most of these songs was made in less than an hour boggles my mind. I would happily buy your songs/album since I find myself listening to them quite often. Favorite songs so far include orinda, mounds, dots, book, glittens, grommet, hair of the goat, polkadot, return adress, procraster, gold, bug planet, turtle maze, princess mayonnaise, ankler, beluga, brownie lord, brazil, dribble, garlic time, radial, mean streets, jbdp, condiment config, dreamvillage, duckromancer.

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