mighty switch force remix

my friend virt asked me to do a bonus remix for his (incredible) soundtrack to Mighty Switch Force, how could I refuse? check out the album on bandcamp and the game on 3DS eShop too!

2 thoughts on “mighty switch force remix

  1. This is so stupidly amazing. I wish the sped up end part was longer, it really leaves me wanting more. In fact, judging by the amount of time I’ve spent this week listening to this track (and virt’s original version) I’d be really happy with a version that just continued forever.

  2. ive never heard of it but the game is just too funny, it might be taking bonkers(disney cartoon) and darkwing duck together and combining with anime, it’s just too funny, plus the point that the jail girls are like the beagle boys too, i would say this game is like a disney cartoon but in a 3ds.

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